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Introduction: The State of the Union

The modern job hunt is interesting these days. The American Dream as our parents knew it has since vanished. Instead, we now have a foreign combination of the “you economy,” - leveraging the unprecedented level of technology to create cash flow - and the traditional nine-to-five.

Exceptional graduates from “good” schools with hard skills are in more demand than ever and companies are willing to take a risk on a younger employee with more tech savvy skills than a Baby Boomer who still uses Windows 98. Google literally buses hundreds of employees a day from San Francisco to Palo Alto in luxury liners. Start-ups offer beer at 10AM, ping pong, casual dress, an executive chef who sits next to your cube and cooks whatever you can imagine (okay, this may be an exaggeration) because finding and retaining the best talent has become more competitive than ever before.

If you are one of those folks who has companies beating your virtual doors down...congrats! Well deserved, no doubt. But...what if you aren’t? What if:

  • You are one of the kids in this country who went to a state school with an average reputation and just picked a major because your adviser said so.

  • Your summer work experience wasn’t a super strategic internship but rather life guarding so you could keep ahead of your impending student loans?

  • You're approaching graduation and realize that your General Business degree might not set you apart from the pack?

  • You have started searching for jobs and feel as though all the positions you want are out of reach?

  • You settle for anything because you’ve been living at home since June and would clean toilets if it meant you could join your friends in the city?

  • You can’t advance in your career without a Master’s degree or costly certifications that don’t fit your budget?

I believe 95% of us fall into the latter category in some form or fashion, and 23 is too young to have professional regrets. Such is the state of the union for the 2016 / 2017 graduate.

However as my father always said, “The world doesn’t owe you anything.”

So...are you going to take charge and get what you want? Or are you going to wake up at 40 and wonder where the time has gone. The choice is yours. Check out our site for ways to stay ahead and find the job for you.

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