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Meet The Dynamic Duo

Who are we exactly? Well, this will tell you. Learn more about your two Co-founders, told through the eyes of the other:

Meet Kellie:

Kellie Shirley was not born like you and I. She was delivered from Mount Olympus to help mere mortals understand the virtues of positivity, hustle and physical fitness. She began her quest in the metro Atlanta area in 1993 - her birth - and has never looked back.

Kellie grew up with two brothers who were positively annoying. They teased her, often overlooked her and her awesome ways, and simply kinda sucked for the majority of her life. She now uses the fuel from these transgressions to not only show them how wrong they were to ignore her - they were - but to let the rest of planet Earth know that she has arrived in a blaze of glory.

Passionate about people, ideas and sometimes Dylan and Cole Sprouse, Kellie cruised through college while making tons of connections in Greek life, her Church and her obnoxious brothers’ friends, as they regrettably went to the same college.

She was offered a position as an Account Manager for an automotive industry, but her impatience for incompetence combined with the fact that she hasn’t had a carbohydrate since 2001 led her to Orangetheory Fitness, where she shows mercy to the mere mortals seeking the same effortless physique.

At Pursuit & Tie, Kellie is a business operations machine and all should fear her hawk-like view of any balance sheet.

I love her.

- Ryan

Meet Ryan:

Ryan is….a character. Whether he is telling you a stupid joke just to prevent awkward silence, is loading you up on sports statistics you will never use, or forcing you to play Zelda on a Saturday afternoon, he will make you feel like you’ve known him your entire life within five minutes of your conversation. A double major in Marketing and Management, he is also full of tons of useless business knowledge, just in case you ever need it.

He became sort of cool in college once he realized our Dad wasn’t breathing down his neck after every move. A guys got to live ya know? After graduation, he went into recruiting, then shortly after, a sports marketing firm, but still struggled to find that niche. Until now: He loves his job at Accenture as a Marketing Automation Specialist (whatever that means) where he does spreadsheets…and calls and stuff. Whatever it is, he rocks at it. Between Accenture, P&T, and married life with two cats, Luna and Poppy (who is way cooler), he sure has his hands full.

In his spare time, you can find him running the belt line, quoting Seinfeld, annoying his cats with a laser pointer, or yelling at the TV while watching an Atlanta sports team (either with positivity in the hopes for a W or curse words left and right for, yet another, ATL loss). Either way, he is every ATL’s team #1 fan. Pretty sure he can wear Falcons shirts for two weeks straight.

Besides his outgoing, loyal and extremely generous personality, he most definitely could use some help in these areas: 1) Tardiness. I’m pretty sure he was late to his own wedding… kidding, but close. He means well, but 3:00pm actually means 3:31pm. 2) Lack of athleticism. Oh, he loves sports, but can he play? No shot. Growing up, he was lucky to get picked last for the kickball team. 3) Organization. He is getting better, but definitely not a strong suit of his. He’s great at making him “appear” organized though, but don’t let those spreadsheets fool you.

Whether, he’s happy, sad, late, unorganized or just straight up blunt, I couldn’t ask for a better partner.


Want to learn more? Either work with us as a Brand Ambassador or schedule your FREE consultation today -- we look forward to getting to know you better!

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