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Office Pet Peeves - Part Two

Okay... so last week we learned that leveraging office lexicon will always disrupt colleagues around you, especially those you ping too often. Really quickly because my other job is currently the equivalent of indentured servitude, let’s throw out and discuss the next three words or phrases that kill me.

  • "Knowledge Transfer" - I have heard this used to describe a meeting before, like “We should connect in the conference room and have a Knowledge Transfer.” A meeting. That’s really stupid.

  • "Synergy" - This actually means 1+1=3, basically that the sum of the parts can accomplish more than those individually. It is NEVER used this way.

  • “Don’t Boil the Ocean” - This might be the worst of them all. This phrase means to take a project one step at a time and don’t “bite off more than you can chew” in a manner of speaking. It’s best said once a year, but we all have one colleague who will say it EVERY. SINGLE.MEETING.This person is usually is responsible for the permeation of all the other annoying office phrases. They jingle their keys when they walk. Khakis and sneakers are amongst their recreational wear.

That is all. Set up your free consultation with us today so we can get you into a job that is cool enough to where you don't need to even say these things. Check us out -

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