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Introducing: Financial Budgeting!

It has been a wonderful five months since our January launch and Pursuit & Tie has been thrilled to help friends and new clients alike become better professionals and tackle their career growth with a passion.

One of the coolest aspects of working in a small business has been the chance to constantly modify or expand offerings for our clients. Initially, we focused on our bread and butter of resume review with some clients needing LinkedIn or head shots as a close second. Today, we are proud to offer a much wider suite of services to our clients, such as Public Speaking or Interview Prep, which derived simply from someone asking for our help in those areas.

Such a trend continues, as we have been asked by multiple clients to add an offering to assist in personal finance and budgeting. We are happy to announce that the idea was accepted by our senior leadership - us - and thus we can roll out a “Personal Financial Planning” solution!

What exactly is this offering? We will take you through three different workshops, each aimed at a different element of personal finance:

  • First Meeting - Maximizing Company Benefits: this session will cover how to correctly leverage your employer’s benefits, stock and retirement options to optimize your contribution rate and ensure best practices.

  • Second Meeting - Giving Every Dollar a Job: This session will cover how to properly budget, save, and invest your paychecks. We have spoken with numerous financial planning experts to craft a personal budgeting system for each client and ensure that no dollar goes unaccounted for each pay period.

  • Third Meeting - Make Your Money Work: Now for the fun stuff. With all this money you’ll have leftover each month - due to your excellent budgeting principles as learned through meeting two - we will take you through the conventional (and unconventional) ways to invest your money and earn as much interest as possible.

But wait - there’s more! We are also providing each client with a Personal Financial Guide which will ensure you remain successful in the future, no matter how your income should change. We will leave you with the best practices and tips for each phase of your personal finance plan, as well as any additional resources, should you need to connect with professional advisers or need additional help.

We are committed to helping our clients succeed and very pleased to have the chance to share this wonderful new offering with you all!

Get your finances in order and do life like a pro for only $85! You can sign up right here!

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