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The Importance Of A Professional Headshot

You have everything that an employer wants to see: an updated resume, convincing cover letter, and even a thorough LinkedIn profile. What else could you possibly need to complete your portfolio?

You guessed right: A professional headshot.

Believe it or not, your headshot matters. Not only are employers these days performing the usual background checks, but they also are performing Google Searches (I mean, duh). They WILL SEE YOU. What kind of photos will they find?

Think of it this way – investing in a high-quality, professional headshot is an investment not only for yourself, but also for your personal brand. It shows that you take yourself seriously, and are doing whatever you can to always look your best. Showing that initiative up front shows employers that you will be a great professional asset to their team, and are definitely worth the investment as an employee.

Other reasons why headshots are so important:

  • Headshots showcase your personality. Give people a glimpse of the kind of person that you are, well before they even meet you. For example, a smile portrays approachability. A serious demeanor portrays determination. What will yours say?

  • Headshots support & enhance your skills/experiences on your LinkedIn profile. Adding the headshot among the other great information on your profile will only continue to help you stand out among the rest.

  • Great headshots give you confidence. Whether it is among friends, colleagues, or even family, having a quality image of yourself to share only boosts your self-confidence. Whether it is the confidence to take risks or overcome work-related challenges, everyone loves feeling like the best version of themselves.

  • You’ll use it everywhere! It’s guaranteed that when you get that perfect headshot you won’t want to stop sharing it. Personal websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram… everyone will get a chance to see it. If you’re worried about the financial investment, know that it will definitely get its “bang for its buck.”

Don’t make the mistake of not investing in that professional headshot. It’s ALWAYS worth the investment, on both a financial and professional level. When you’re ready, let us help!

Schedule yours today at For a full session & high-quality photos, it’s only $125!

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