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What Not To Eat At Work (If You Want To Keep Your Friends)

Hey everyone, Ryan here: In easily the most intellectual blog ever written, I simply have to share three actual meals that I have witnessed in public break rooms that very well might result in the immediate loss of your office popularity.

I don’t think this particular blog will go down in Tie Rack history as the most insightful or mentally stimulating but I am writing it anyway. Today’s super-cerebral blog discusses a common workplace issue; poor food choices in shared office space. If you’re anything like me, even the mention of such a subject brings to mind a specific memory or person, with the ghost of meals past still tingling your olfactory (or other) senses.

If you are tired of being liked or feel as though you’re simply too popular in the break room and need some space, these meal options (I have personally witnessed each of these being eaten in an office setting...or committed the travesty myself) will guarantee your solitude in no time.

  • Week Old Pad-Thai - I am sure it’s delicious and your spouse worked very hard to prepare it, however the combination of aromas does not suit everybody. If you have any curry-heavy foods, perhaps the crowded break room is not your best option for this delicacy. Really, as a heuristic, week-old anything is not your best play. Be safe out there people.

  • Just Brown Rice - This one had nothing to do with the associated aroma, I just found it really weird that this one guy I worked with never ate the rice with anything else. Just don’t give people cooped up in a cube all day the opportunity to observe and judge you that easily. The guy turned out to be a little strange, for what it’s worth.

  • Tuna Anything - Just cool it with the tuna. I love a tuna sandwich as much as the next fella, and eat it quite commonly at work, but you can’t just plop it down on a plate and chow down. It’s gross-looking and has a smell often maligned by close-quartered diners. So dress it up, and take your Starkist for a walk if you get any bad vibes.

I know this blog has been a lot to digest (...oh, come on, that’s gold!) , so take your time to really reflect on the robust content. If you have any further questions, or are in need of Chicken of the Sea recipes, please reach out at

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