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The Value Of A Personality Test

We have all been there, another day at work and we dread dealing with our co-workers, or a “certain someone" within the office.

Ever have that co-worker that is maybe too overbearing? Or you’re not sure how to read them?

Here is the thing: we all were not born with the same personality and we all communicate differently. Put a bunch of random people together, and you’re prone to personality “clashes" in some way or another.

  • Some people might seem pushy and/or straight forward.

  • Some people might keep to themselves or maintain a shy demeanor.

  • Some people might act as introverts or extroverts.

From prior experience, I believe that if we all understood how we are wired and communicate, our personal and professional lives would be so much more fulfilling. Personally, I think all employers should offer onsite new-hire personality tests to help build team efficiency and unity. Agree?

If your work place does not offer these—I encourage you take them on your own time!

  1. DISC Behavior Inventory

  2. Myers Briggs

  3. Occupational Interest Inventories (OIIs)

  4. Ennegram Test (my personal favorite)

Here are the links/referrals for each of the above listed (keep in mind that some are free and some have fees):

Do you think these are important? What were your results? Let us know! Need more professional advice? Sign up for a consultation today at

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