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Workplace Motivation

Ho ho ho! It’s holiday week. Some of you are traveling, some of you were not able to get the time off work or have to work extra hours. Maybe you've lost ALL motivation to do that one last file, or tie up another loose end in your office or work space.

We all know New Years is coming up and we are slowly prepping for our Resolutions (or are we?). But one thing that seems to become mundane or non-existent this time of year is...motivation.

Motivation is what inspires us to take action and continue onward. We all know that the true motivation for gong to work is to support yourself....those bills aren't going to pay themselves!


  1. Do you feel inspired, fulfilled and that you are where you are supposed to be?

  2. What gets you up in the morning?

  3. What keeps you where you are at, and what inspires you to move forward?

We all have different expectations about where or who we thought we would be in many areas of our lives. With the questions mentioned above, if you could answer them what wo

uld be your honest response? Do you have direction or goals in your career? Have you found yourself lost, discouraged or complacent?

If so, the first step is asking why and going from there. I encourage journaling/writing this out so you can see it in front of you. The act of writing and seeing goals and dreams in writing in front of you is a form of action and spark that fire off inspiration.

Maybe the only thing to get you motivated doesn't require a drastic change, but maybe simply just changing up your morning routine: such as getting up early and reading a daily encouragement before work. Or maybe it does require something deeper than that, such as quitting your job and/or applying for another. Maybe you need a vacation or finding a new outlet outside of work.

At the end of the day, take the time to find your motivation---you will not regret it. What motivates you? Let us know!

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