Goal Setting & Deciding What YOU Want

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The first component to achieving something is picking it.

It could be anything.

It could be getting a better job.

Or being a better person.

It has to be something tangible, but that is currently not tangible to you.

In other words, it has to be something you currently don’t have.

This is why the foundation of all goals is faith. And this isn’t a religious type of faith, although it could be.

Faith is simply having a belief or hope in something you can’t see or that doesn’t currently exist.

If you can’t hold it in your hand and you want it, you need faith to get it.

Faith can only exist if you actually believe you can get what you want. If you don’t believe you can get a better job or be a better person, then you can’t have the faith to create that goal. You may set that goal, but you will never achieve it.

This is where psychology and even learning theory come in. People who don’t believe they can do something have what psychologists call a “fixed” mindset. These people have been over-sold on the idea of having a domineering “identity” that cannot change. Nature is god and nothing can be nurtured.

Unfortunately, years and years of research continues to show that people with a fixed mindset struggle in life. They have lower self-esteem. Why wouldn’t they? They believe they are stuck and can’t do anything about it. Their fate was set at birth. Moreover, the research shows that people with a fixed mindset have a really, really hard time learning. Why learn if you don’t believe you can actually learn and evolve?

According to 50 years of research on learning theory, we all have a dominant learning style. We all also have several backup learning styles we rely on when we’re in a difficult situation. However, there are also several oth