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2020 Vision and Digital Detox: How Do People See You Online?

Happy New Year! A new decade of possibilities! It is easy to continue the New Year and treat it as any other work day. But a New Year is the perfect time to do reflections, revamping, and reorganization. What are your goals? What do you want to change for the new year? No need for some deep spring cleaning quite yet, but it is good to start slowly cleaning out your phone, inbox, and especially social media for future employers and others interested in your profile. Keeping your phone clean and organized promotes more personal productivity and efficiency as well.

Social Media:

Social media platforms are a quick, casual way to portray yourself online. But that does not stop employers from seeing what you are up to. Detoxing your social media by cleaning out direct messages, updating profile pictures, and followers and following list can make your online presence look cleaner and up-to-date.


A good inbox detox can save you a little more time when reaching out to clients, responding to emails, and staying on top of day to day checklists. When deleting old emails, you don’t have to sift through spam, ads, or dated emails.


It’s not always strictly business! Cleaning out your personal phone can boost personal productivity. Deleting old photos, updating contacts, and deleting old notifications just makes your phone look cleaner and easier to navigate.

The New Year is a time for new beginnings, but sometimes the best changes are the tiniest ones that can be easily overlooked. Organizing the tiny details about your life can make significant changes and enhance your personal and online presence inside and outside the workplace. What else could need some New Years cleaning? Maybe your resume or even your rusty interview skills? Click the Contact tab on our website to schedule a FREE 30 minute resume review to get started!

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