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3 Ways to Handle Scary Situations in your Workplace

It would be nice if everything at work was smooth sailing, butterflies and

rainbows, with everyone working in a perfect rhythm. We all know that that’s not

the case, and work can be stressful. There can always be tricky situations for even

the most confident people to face. For some, it might be getting in front of a big

group and making a presentation or standing in front of the boardroom and doing

a speech. Someone who is facing these types of situations, do not worry! Here are

three ways you can better handle these scary situations:

1. Remind yourself why you’re in these scary situations

Remind yourself that you are privileged to be in these scary situations, and

that you are trusted to do a fantastic job. You have earned your way into

the scary situation! Be proud of yourself!

2. Embrace those feelings

Embrace the scary feeling and anticipation. Let your emotions run through,

it is a normal feeling! Everyone goes through it. Find different remedies

that will help you allow your feelings to play its course.

3. Create a sense of opportunity and excitement

Create a sense of excitement, not only for you but for your audience! Your

team will be much more engaged if you create positive energy, and it will

also give you confidence during your performance.

It is encouraged to continue to do things that scare you. If you keep pushing and

focus on getting out of your comfort zone from time to time, it will help you learn,

grow, and develop!

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