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Cleaning Your Cubicle

Let’s talk about your office space. Whether it’s your home away from home or four grey walls, keeping it clean and organized can boost your productivity and positive atmosphere. Keeping your space neat says so much about professional character and consideration for others in a shared space. Need some help on how to get started? Keep reading!

Trash: Stash your stink and take out your trash! Get rid of old papers, smelly food, and empty mail! Don’t build up a trash tower, but rather get in the habit of taking out your trash routinely.

Plants: Having plants in your office space can reduce stress, clean the air, reduce noise, and also boost creativity! Crazy, right? Adding a plant to your space creates a positive project at your work as well, just don’t forget to water them!

Photos: Seeing photos of your loved ones at work reminds you why you’re working so hard in the first place! Creating a collage gives your space a unique look and also brings up quick conversational points for visitors and clients!

Sweet Treats: Another way to ease the awkwardness of meetings is to have a bowl of candy for anyone to munch on! Engage in small talk and start to build office relationships as people stop by your desk and offer some to clients to ease the tension in any meeting.

Live, Laugh, Label: Labeling your files, items, and other important documents promotes efficiency and honestly, just looks neater! Try investing in a label maker from your local DollarTree to save a buck and save some time!

Now.... what are you waiting for?? Go clean!!!

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