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So You Just Landed a Job in a Pandemic

What should we expect from the job market now? Well, a lot has changed since May. With everything being more virtual now, it is vital that you refresh your technical skills to keep things running smoothly, especially if you are working remotely. You absolutely have to be willing to engage with your fellow employees and colleagues on a daily basis to maintain some form of social normality, as well as understand how everyone works inside and outside of the office. Understanding that social events are probably going to be more sparse should be a great motivation to connect with people in your office: don't wait!

Keeping your office space clean, whether it is from home or in an actual office, can go a long way to promote healthy habits throughout your work community. Cleaning surfaces that are often touched such as door handles, desks, and more can help keep your community at the office, rather than shutting down every few months due to an outbreak. Regularly cleaning your personal items can help as well, such as computers, phones, keys, and desk.

Apart from all of this, keeping up with a healthy lifestyle not only promotes a strong immune system when in the office but is also a great way to maintain your mental health and promotes an office group activity. Being flexible and prepared to work from home at any time is an absolute must nowadays. Having space, whether it be a small desk or an entire room, at home can let you go from office to home seamlessly, and not struggle to find a setup that works for your job. Plan ahead, prepare, and congrats on your new job! We are rooting for you.

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