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Tips For Dealing With The Corona Virus

Yep..that word again. The word you’ve been hearing across every headline and T.V.

These last few weeks may have been stressful, but here are some tips to keep on pushing through! Whether you are already practicing social distancing or are still going to work, there are a few great ways to tackle to next few weeks of uncertainty with confidence and productivity.

Clean, Calm, and Collected: Washing your hands, disinfecting commonly touched surfaces (don’t forget the little things like door handles, light switches, etc), having vitamins and medicine, and being considerate when shopping is a great way to stay happy and healthy for the next few weeks. Yes, you need to stay clean and calm, but no, you do not need 15 bottles of hand-sanitizer!

Stay Social, Keep Your Distance: It is important for these next few weeks that we limit as much interaction as possible, but hey, social media can’t get anyone sick! Even if you are stuck at home, stay social and connected by utilizing technology to check in on loved ones and updated on social media.

News: Staying updated on current events, but sometimes the over-saturation of the 24-hour news cycle can be harmful to our mental health. Don’t be afraid to limit your interactions and invest in your personal life and business! Please double check your sources to ensure quality, accurate information about the world!

Productivity: Writing down a daily schedule can allow you to remain productive in a structured way while at home. It is easy to become sluggish during this time but just push through!

Our Services: With everything closing from our favorite restaurants to the Apple store, a lot of people are wondering: what about us? Yes! Our services are still open and available, let’s tell your best story today and prepare your future!

During this time, we want to send our best wishes to you, your loved ones, and all of your professional endeavors!

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