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What boss type are you from The Office?

At P&T, one of our top favorite shows is The Office. If you haven’t seen this show, better start now. It is leaving Netflix soon and is the perfect summer binge. Check out our list below and see how you can learn from these bosses and see which one you may be!

  1. Michael Scott: The Office wouldn’t be The Office without Michael Scott. Although Michael often says things that are awkward and off-putting, throughout the show, his character often proves his knowledge around the paper business. In The Office Ladies podcast, the directors specifically made Michael good at sales, because without his credibility to earn his position, his character would simply be a source of repetitive humor. Michael knows what he is doing, but often gets side-tracked and easily distracted, causing his employees to lose a certain amount of respect for him. However, Michael is loyal and supportive to his employees outside of work, such as attending Pam’s art show, seeing Andy’s art show, and of course, attending three different weddings for his employees. 

  2. Jan Levinson: Jan is absolutely crazy and agitative during the show, however, she is an independent, female leader for Dunder Mifflin. Under her leadership, people had a certain amount of respect for her, as you see the employees “prepping” the office for her various arrivals. However, sleeping a lower-management employee is extremely inappropriate and at most companies, against multiple protocols. She also has a severe breakdown when she loses her job, but not without a fight first. She is passionate and confident throughout the entire show no matter what stage of life she is in. Later, she seems to have pulled herself up and gained a high-level management job at a hospital, and later at another major company. 

  3. David Wallace: David is rather underwhelming throughout the show, and he is a reflection of how many corporate bosses can be impersonal and stiff. He, along with Jan, also has a breakdown after the loss of his job. He does take a risk and try a new business venture, and he later invests his money responsibly back into Dunder Mifflin. David is a level-headed executive who is neutral to various matters, such as bankruptcy, discipline issues, etc.

  4. Andy Bernard: Andy Bernard is an inexperienced salesman who gets an opportunity to lead the office. He abandons his duties and responsibilities and lies to David Wallace, and tries to have someone fired for personal reasons. Andy is not a strong leader and often depends too heavily on his employees to know whats going on. 

  5. Jo Bennet: Jo is a strong and independent female CEO of Saber, the printer company that buys Dunder Mifflin. She invests in her employees, often asking for their advice to improve the company and also checking in on their personal lives. She is very personal and productive, and I believe her character is easily overlooked. 

So, which boss are you? Are you impersonal and stiff, or productive and invested? How do you want things to be run? 

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