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Why Webinars Are Important

Recently, the P&T team has been utilizing webinars to promote our services virtually! We have had some great feedback so far, and people are able to learn about professional development for free, but it makes us wonder--how important are these virtual events? With everything becoming more virtual dependent, P&T, along with other small businesses, are quickly adapting and using resources that allow our content to stay accessible while prioritizing your health.

So, why are webinars important? First off, are they even important to begin with?

Yes, they are important. Free webinars promote an equal playing field for everyone seeking a job, and they allow everyone to have access to content and resources that a Google search could not provide. Webinars also are hosted by a real person, with real expertise and real thoughts that are not outdated or incorrect. They promote a sense of community when the community is not an option. Webinars allow you to ask questions specific to YOUR experience, rather than having to scour the internet for hours. They allow anyone to connect from anywhere to learn about anything: such as learning how to edit your resume right from your couch, living room, or across the globe. Oh yeah, and ours are free.

Pursuit & Tie has had amazing feedback from using webinars and is happy to provide our resources through Webinars for anyone seeking a job, whether it be your first or your fifth. We hope to see you at our next one and cheers to professional success!

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