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Work Friends to Real Friends

Whether you just started a job or are a familiar face around the office, connecting with coworkers can be awkward! How do you bridge the gap between surface-level coworkers and dependable friends? Investing in the people around you not only makes work more productive but also makes your time at a company meaningful, even after you leave! Look out for a few simple tips to create positive connections around the workplace!

Connections: Don’t be afraid to connect online through social media- it is what it's there for. Get to know your coworkers better through Facebook or Instagram!

Maximize Lunch: Don’t eat at your desk-make a point to sit in a common area and encourage new employees to eat with you. Make them feel welcomed and get to know them outside your office!

Out and About: New to the city or have a fellow employee who is? Show them your local favorites or spark conversations by asking about local gems and attractions.

Don’t Know? Ask: Asking about your coworker’s weekend or vacation may bring up some similarities like a favorite artist or restaurant you can bond over!

Meet and Greet: Don’t just walk to your desk in the morning. Make a point to say good morning, goodbye, and let people know you are open and receptive to early morning chit chat that could turn into a deeper connection!

Networking is not just purely about business connections, but meaningful ones as well. Invest in your time at a company by investing in the people as well.

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