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How To Crush Each Stage Of An Interview

Struggling to make a good first impression in the interview setting? Do you walk out feeling like you nailed it and then never hear back?


What you will learn:

  • The importance and difference between a phone vs. in-person interview 
  • How to differentiate between good and bad interview practices
  • Common interview questions and tips on how to answer them professionally
  • How to handle the uncomfortable parts of interviews and still secure an offer 
  • How to tackle the interview process, regardless of whether you are a recent graduate or looking to transition after your first or 5th job


Table of contents:

  • How Interviewing Has Changed
  • Interviewing As A Recent Graduate
  • Interviewing After Your First Job
  • Phone Interview + Good/Bad Practices
  • Proficiency Testing
  • Face-To-Face Interview + Good/Bad Practices
  • Common Interview Questions: Asked From The Company
  • Common Interview Questions: Asked From You
  • Dress Code
  • Basic Etiquette
  • The Follow-Up
  • Offer Letters + Negotiations
  • Additional Resources


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How To Crush Each Stage Of An Interview

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