We have helped over 75% of our clients find better positions.


Media Studies

As a graduate student pursuing opportunities outside  academia, I was a little daunted about my upcoming job search- most of the career resources on campus for graduate students are geared towards helping students find academic jobs. Ryan and Kellie looked over my resume for me and gave me job hunting advice I really don't think I could have found anywhere else!


Computer Science

When I started working with P&T, I received a new Resume, Cover Letter, and Linkedin account. Within one month, I got a call from Elyon International asking if I would like a job with Boeing as a Contractor. P&T's program helped me get past the slump I was in and refreshed my outlook on how to look for a job that I will definitely take with me in the future. 


Health Communications

I loved my experience with P&T. I appreciated how they took the time to hear my story and present it in a way that would get the attention of hiring managers. Both my time and investment paid off because I recieved an offer in my desired industry within my desired salary range! I'm so appreciative of all of their work and for helping me to bolster my confidence.



Pursuit & Tie was very knowledgable and easy to work with when helping to set up my LinkedIn profile. They were a huge asset for me in the months leading up to graduation as the services they provide are extremely valuable to anyone, regardless of what stage of the job-seeking process

you're in.


Digital Media

I applied to jobs for a year with no luck. I decided to reach out to P&T and after a week, I was offered my dream job! I've worked with recruiters in the past and even a larger firm and the service you get from P&T is truly one-of-a-kind. They take the time to really determine your strengths and weaknesses and they teach you why they came to their conclusions to help you market yourself better in the future. They even went a step further and offered to provide a trial-run for interviews because they truly care about their clients! If you have the smallest thought about reaching out, do it. 


Fashion & Fine Arts

Great service from great people! Pursuit & Tie is both professional and personable. They made sure they got to know me and my specific career goals before editing my resume and cover letter. They helped me create a sense of value in both documents, which have I seen positive feedback from so far. 



Pursuit & Tie is hands down the best way to invest in your future and take the next step in your career. Ryan and Kellie are awesome individuals, and even more incredible as a team. They helped me improve my resume and perfect my elevator speech, which allowed me to go into interviews with confidence and land a great job with an awesome company!

  Jenna V.

Account Management

Pursuit & Tie is my smartest funemployment buy! Ryan and Kellie have been above and beyond helpful in rebuilding my resume. Upon the start of the process- they asked questions to coin the ultimate phrasing for my accomplishments, were attentive, constantly asking for feedback and ensuring I am happy with my resume. Even after delivering my resume, I am still in touch...this team is incredible. Two thumbs way up for experience, product- all of it!



Account Management

I owe my entire professional career to P&T. Ryan and Kellie are both amazing, genuine people who offer quality service that can literally change your life and get you into a career you desire.