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December To Remember

In recruiting we used to dread the November and December months. The holidays and consistent travel plans tend to cast a morose shadow on this time of year. We would hear from candidates that they felt helpless during these busy months as many companies just don’t hire people until the new year, once budgets are firmed up.

This is true...but not as common as you’d think. And certainly not a reason to keep the pedal down. According to a recent Ladders article, the holiday slowdown is largely a myth. Just as numerous firms are running out of time, budget etc… to bring on new folks, the following remain true:

  • If they don’t use it they lose it: often times companies must fill a spot in headcount or it will disappear from next year's budget.

  • December means January is coming: Firms know that January is when they will have a fresh budget for headcount, so the diligent few who keep the pedal down in December are often the ones being confirmed for interviews in the new year. In fact, it might be your best chance before the activity ramps up again,

  • Less is more: Since the holiday hiring myth is fairly prevalent, companies see less resumes (and definitely less qualified resumes) for many positions. For a diligent go-getter, this is your chance to strike! Shoot over a LinkedIn connection and that awesome resume from Pursuit & Tie to a key player, and your chances of being seen are much higher! ​

​Of course, the holidays do mean that it’s more difficult to get hiring managers and stakeholders in a room together given the hectic nature of the season and “use it or lose it” PTO policies, but that definitely does not mean it’s an excuse. Get out there and kick off 2017 with a new gig!

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