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Three Outdated Things to Cut From A Resume

The job search process evolves daily in our technology-laden world. What was once as simple as “dropping by to pass along my resume” is now “please don’t call to follow up and respect the online process." Nothing is sacred, and companies are casting wider and wider nets to attract the best talent. They innovate constantly, looking for more ways to drive applicants their way; keyword searches to pull out the most relevant resumes, LinkedIn messaging, and I have even seen companies send gifts to top applicants to show their desire to connect. Kind of like one of those Amazonian birds that does those funky dance moves to attract mates. Okay, maybe it’s not like that at all...but you get it, right?

The point is - companies are getting better at hiring top talent. Smarter, more efficient and more effective. So why aren’t applicants? I see the same three things on about 95% of the resumes that come across my desk, that can hinder (and even prevent) a great candidate from getting the interview. If companies are going to innovate, you need to as well.

Start by canning these things from your resume:

  • The Objective - “Ryan would like to work for a good company where he can use his skills.” I see this line at the top of SO many resumes and it makes me sick. This statement adds zero value, and tells the hiring manager what they already know: you want a job. Cut it - all it does is fill up valuable resume space.

  • The Stinky LinkedIn Profile - Everyone wants to have their LinkedIn URL on their resume, and they should. But NOT if your LinkedIn isn't professional and up-to-date. If you are going to direct a hiring manager to the best professional reflection of yourself online, then it better be good. Don’t send them to a LinkedIn where you have that super-cute Lake Weekend profile picture and one endorsement. Make sure it is the best view into your resume possible.

  • Skills That Are Not Skills - My favorite skill I see on the “skills and certifications” section of most resumes is so laughable nowadays: Microsoft Office. Guys - it’s 2016 - everyone who exists knows how to use MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Adding these skills to your resume adds no value and is not going to lead to hiring manager saying, “Wow, Ryan is an awesome candidate...and he knows Powerpoint?!?!? What an achiever!” Unless you are certified in Excel, for the love of God get rid of that skill set.

These are just three ways to give your resume more room for what employers actually want and showing that you are ahead of the ever-changing landscape. However it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Want some more? Check out our site.

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