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Interview Mastery, Part 2

Okay, so you got the impressive outfit down: now for the first date, cough I mean...the actual interview.

Remember these things:

  • Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

  • Breathe: Why are you there? Why do you want this job? Why do you stand out? Ask yourself these questions.

  • Know what you’re going to say and be prepared.

  • Just like a speech, if the employer asks “tell us a little more about yourself?” know exactly what you’re going to say and how it pertains to that job.

  • Study with a buddy.

  • This is important. No one wants someone working for them if they don’t even remember the company’s name. Research the company: via their website, LinkedIn, personal connections, etc. o you know their mission statement, vision or core values? Make notecards if you have to. Study them. Then if you are able to, practice it with someone so you feel more comfortable. Confidence is key here.


  • (Sorry if it seems like I’m yelling), but hopefully it got your attention. This is a part of the interview that a lot of people overlook because they’re so caught up in how they answered so far, that they initially say "I have no questions” and try to finish the interview as quickly as possible. Be confident in yourself and your knowledge of the company to have legit questions ready. Stuck? Here are a few options:

  • What qualifies as your ideal candidate for this position with regard to their qualities?

  • What are the expectations of the position?

  • What is your favorite and least favorite part about working (here)?

Enough talking on my end, it’s time to start pulling out those note cards and getting ready for that interview! Any other questions? Ask away! Sign up today at and let us help.

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