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Resources For Young Homebuyers with Mason & Diasio Company

If you’re anything like me you view the adult landscape kind of like a video game. Different levels, each increasing in difficulty, demanding more from us as we traverse looking for greater achievements, ultimately striving to “win” the game. Unfortunately, life does not offer nearly as many varieties of cheat codes allowing you to bypass the challenging and achieve your goals.

We must lean on those around us who have been playing the game for awhile, who know the ropes and advise us against pitfalls. Those resources are invaluable and allow us to sidestep the common obstacles as we inch closer and closer to our goals.

One of the most challenging life levels always seems to be homeownership. The idea of a mortgage, bills, and even the home purchase process itself seems like an insurmountable task.

Fortunately, our good friends at Mason & Diasio Realty kindly offered their services to share some insights around tackling this challenge. Consider them your nerdy kids next door who have beaten the video game you’re struggling with about one hundred times...each.

While Pursuit & Tie and Mason & Diasio are working toward sharing more great tips with our shared audiences on a repeating basis, their team was kind enough to share some quick links to help you start the learning process and ultimately win your home buying game.

  • Vocab Sheet for First Timers - Check this out so you know - or at least can pretend to - some of the terms you’ll see each time you foray down the purchasing process. Don’t sound like an idiot.

  • Buying is now 33.1% Cheaper than Renting - Keeping Current is a great website for home buyers, and recently shared some pretty compelling numbers for any of you still unsure as to your next move and if renting or buying offers better short term or long term savings.

Both of our organizations strive to better our clients. Make sure to follow Mason & Diasio on Facebook and (as always) visit for more blogs, videos, and aboriginal dancing techniques (just seeing if anyone is still reading).

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