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Global Engagement: What to Know When You’re On The Go

So you were just assigned to go on a business trip. Maybe it is across the world or just a conference up the street. Either way, a business trip, far or near, reflects how your employers see you. You are trusted enough to represent your company, brand, and mission. Although business trips can often be inconvenient and tiring, take advantage of this hidden opportunity!

This could be your leg up in the company, or maybe just a small way to build your rep around the workplace. There are 5 simple ways to ace that trip and make it productive and have it run smoothly.

Prioritize carry-on baggage: A simple trick to make airport chaos a little more manageable. Especially if it is a short trip, downsizing and using carry-on baggage avoids the hassle of lost or damaged luggage. If you do have to check a bag, be sure to pack a small carry-on with toiletries and a spare outfit to prepare for the worst case scenario!

Join a Rewards Program: Getting some mile points or flying rewards can make future trips easier to manage and also saves a buck or two!

Paper Perfection: Your phone can be easily lost, stolen, or have a dead battery! Don’t let that stop you from the perfect trip. Printing your itineraries, hotel information, and confirmation numbers and organizing them all in a simple binder or folder can save you from any stress!

Hotel Fever: Get out of your room and use this time to explore a new city and bond with your coworkers! A quick Google search of local favorites and attractions can be a great way to spend some of your downtime and get out of the hotel for a few hours!

Representation and Respect: Not your typical R&R, but representation and respect can go a long way to create a positive environment even outside the workplace. When you are abroad, you are representing your company with everything conversation and action. If you are traveling overseas, learning about local culture and customs can promote respect between you and future business partners.

Traveling is a great way to move up in your company or expand your mission! Where would you want to travel to this year? Whether it is a block away or 3 plane rides, take advantage of opportunities abroad and create new connections all over the world!

Safe travels!!!

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