Great Jobs For Seniors Looking For Fulfilling Work During Retirement

Guest post written by Sharon Wagner ----

Retirement doesn’t have to mean the end of work. If you’re struggling to fill your free time, or you could use a little extra cash, consider looking for a job. Whether you're looking for full-time work or a temporary position, you're bound to come across many flexible work opportunities out there. This is your chance to try something new and exciting! Think about the kinds of things you enjoy or a new skill you would like to learn and go after jobs that interest you.

Before you jump into a new job, make sure your mobile phone is ready to face the demands of the working world. A good smartphone will help you stay organized, reach out to clients, and keep in touch with your team. Major phone retailers offers plenty of different options to fit your budget and needs, so be sure to compare different models and do your research before buying. For example, the new iPhone 11 has an impressive all-day battery and the highest quality of video available on a smartphone. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 integrates with the Samsung S Pen that you can use to convert handwritten notes to digital text. Whatever phone you choose, make sure it has the power and reliability to support you in your new role.

Insurance Agent

Working as an insurance sales agent may be the perfect way to make money during your senior years. Insurance agents enjoy flexible work hours and generous pay. Not only that, but most agents find it fulfilling to help people secure their future against loss. If being an insurance agent doesn’t sound like your thing, look into the many other insurance jobs in the industry. For example, you could work as a claims adjuster to help customers who have experienced losses receive the financial fixes they are entitled to. This kind of investigative work can be fun and rewarding!

You don’t need extensive training to get into this line of work—most insurance companies just require a high school diploma. Use a job search site like Glassdoor to research different insurance companies, like LHLIC, so you can learn what it’s like to work at various organizations from current and past employees.


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