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Top 5 Business *Free* Apps You Need Right Now

While the world slowly becomes more digital and work slowly becomes more remote, it's time to start doing things ourselves. Whether it's stepping into multiple roles or picking up slack from around the "office", there are plenty of great (and free!) business tools that connect you and your work effortlessly to your coworkers, boss, or maybe your own customers. Anyone on your team can navigate these easy apps and allow your business to run smoothly no matter where you are!

Below are some of the top 5 business tools that prove to make your work-from-home life as efficient as possible, and yes, we use these too!

  • MailChimp: MailChimp is a fantastic tool to reach up to 2000 of your customers in a free and easily accessible way. It is a great way to promote your content to a larger audience and no, it doesn't take long to craft a unique email for your business!

  • Canva: This free tool is a great resource for any and all graphic design needs. Unlike their competitors, Canva has thousands of free templates, and they are constantly updating their content for their growing audience of users!

  • Wix: (haha, kind of obvious) This is a great and easy way to build your free website for your growing business! Wix provides affordable website subscriptions for specific types of business or personal uses.

  • Slack: Slack is a perfect resource for connecting people across various projects, teams, and departments. It is great for a fast-paced office setting where a lot is happening and needs to be organized and filtered quickly.

  • Seen: Seen is a great story builder app for those who have businesses on Instagram and Facebook! P&T personally uses "Seen" all the time to give our Instagram/Facebook stories a nice, clean, professional look. They have multiple free templates and are great ways to capture your digital audience's attention!

Cheers to professional success!

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